Google Embeds Wild Flower Seeds in Adsense Letter

google adsense sunflower seeds paper ps photo

Photo via Punchingtrees
But the real question is...
If this photo submitted on Reddit by user "punchingtrees" (um, nice usename) is to be believed, Google has been sending cards that are printed not only on recycled paper (which should be a minimum), but that also contain embedded wild flower seeds. They recommend that the reader plants the cards "in a sunny spot with a thin layer of soil, add water, and watch it grow". It's not going to change the world, and for Google it's a pretty small thing (compared to their investments in clean energy, for example), but it is a nice touch. The real question, though, is: Did Google go all the way and print this with non-toxic ink? Via Reddit. See also: Dear Bell & Yellow Pages... We Have a Thing Called The Internet