Goodwood cellars worksmanship (Exeter, UK)


Even though Richard & Jim 's Goodwood cellars website is small, it shows enough to be of interest : as most furniture designers we talk about here in treehugger, Goodwood cellars started their business with one main motive : no tree felling. Richard & Jim find their material everywhere they can, old floor boards, roof timbers, old ship timbers, and they take pride in taking great value from the specific characteristics of old woods.And these go beyond the simple fact of saving trees : recycling timber also means finding "varieties of timber that can't be found in a modern timber yard, timber felled hundreds of years ago before the emergence of the fast growing soft woods used by today's builders, timbers sawn from trees that took many many years to mature to vast proud examples of their species rather than vast rows of uniform genetically selected trees that are found in the modern managed forests of today".

Goodwood cellars handcraft beds, tables, chairs, fire surrounds, mirrors , boxes, chests , and all sort of wood item you'd like to require, with any wood they can provide such as pine, oak, elm, esh, beech...

What we liked most is the style of examples illustrated above : massive, simple, minimalist. no messing around, no fancy edges, no round shapes : we like the visual efficiency and strength developped by the -apparently- basic assembly of planks. Again, the website says little, but the hosts await your visit at the workshop where you'll have the time to see, feel and touch more of these creations. [Erwan Pianezza, Locronan, Brittany]

::The Goodwood Cellars