Good Design Goes Viral, Dyson Disclaimer


Dyson is currently clarifying that a wind and solar clothing rack concept stems from a Dyson-branded design competition and is not a Dyson product protoype. Darn. But given how quickly the internet community embraced this design, that may just change. Websites and bloggers have been singing the praises of the clever "Air-line", submitted by Mr. Daniel Fitzgerald of Swinburn University. Will Dyson take the bait and take advantage of the creativity it has sponsored?Mr. Fitzgerald's Air-line design has swept through gizmodo, wired, got2beGreen and more. Fitzgerald submitted the clothes dryer concept for the Australian Design Award - Dyson Student Award, sponsored by the company which made the vacuum cleaner an object of lust.

The Air-line uses solar panels to power fans which push air past the clothing until a sensor detects that the clothing are dry, upon which the solar panels revert to charging batteries so that the rack can be used at night. A wind-up mechanism which is set when the clothes are laid out helps the rack to track the sun, optimizing the solar panel efficiency. And curing the need to fight for your right to dry, the Air-line utilizes venetian slats to bring the sun's rays onto the clothing while preventing unsightly views for the neighbors. The panel easily tucks out of the way when not in use.

Brilliant. Kudos to Daniel Fitzgerald. What ya waitin' for Dyson?

Clever drying rack designs available on the market today can be viewed in the TreeHugger archives: Right to Dry for Apartment Dwellers or Alberto Clothesline.

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