Going Dutch with Design Cards

World Changing has opened our life-cycle assessment hungry eyes with their inside scoop on this handy set of cards developed by Serge de Gheldere from Future Proof/ed, that help you use eco-indicators to analyze and compare the environmental impacts of commonly used materials and processes. The set is called Ecolizer Designwijzer and is an updated version of Eco-indicator 99, a Dutch impact assessment methodology that includes resource depletion, land-use, climate change, ionizing radiation, acidification/eutrophication and toxicity along with human health, ecosystem quality and resource damage categories.

Since the set of cards is only available in Dutch and only distributed through workshops we have yet to see a real live version; however the World Changing team tells us that it includes background information on the eco-indicators, an explanation of the card contents, a glossary and an example-based tutorial. They also say that the bulk of the guide consists of approximately 80 cards with several hundred eco-indicators that quantify the environmental impacts of production, use and disposal phases of materials and processes. It appears to be what a lot of designers have been waiting for and a useful tool for designing with the environment in mind. Let’s hope they translate it and distribute it at a larger scale soon. Read more details here. Image credit and via: World Changing.

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