G|O|E on save some energy

The G|O|E Cardboard Lamp doesn’t mind clumsy people. Its sturdy, but relatively light, base is made from laminated recycled cardboard and is turned by hand so that each one is unique. So for all you bulls in china shops out there this is one sustainable product that might last a little longer in your hands. And when you are buying energy saving bulbs for your cardboard lamp you can think about buying one for G|O|E’s Thermolamp as well. Yes not only are these nice young men taking time to recycle their cardboard boxes, but they are further encouraging people to save energy by designing a lampshade that can only be used with an eco-bulb.
At first the Thermolamp uses a normal bulb. The heat produced gradually melts the shade into varying shapes – again each one will be unique. This shaping process can be halted at any time by the consumer switching off the normal bulb. It can then be replaced by an energy saving bulb that won’t produce enough heat to melt the PVC. The lampshade will therefore remain in your chosen shape.
G|O|E stands for Grove, Orme and East, three Goldsmiths design graduates who are further enriching the ever fertile London design scene. You can find more ingenious products by the G|O|E design team at: www.goe-design.co.uk
[written by Leonora, research & image by Petz]