Goats On A Hot Green Roof


After you really get the green roof thing down, and you're saving energy and reducing stormwater runoff, and the blogs are all agog, what's the next move? Extremely locally produced goat meat could be it. Or just tourist bait. Either way, its an old tradition with a big future, we think.

Door County Wisconsin is a major summer tourist destination, especially for Chicago area people looking for a respite from the summer heat. Can't really say it's "eco-tourism: but:- "At Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant, the roof is covered with grass. All summer long the goats have a ball up there grazing away wondering why people are staring up at them! Quite a few people were stopping to photograph and watch the goats. The goats just sit up and there and graze nonchalantly!"

Via::Lake Breeze.org, A Trip To Door County. Image credits:: Lake Breeze, and Pbase.

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