Go Ahead, Have Another 6-Pack


We all know how bad it can be if you don't cut the rings out of your six-pack holders: sea life and other animals get stuck in them, can't move, can't eat and die, and nobody wants that. Rather than cutting them out and throwing them away, though, we like what design student Adam Johnston has done with them instead. His slick, spacey chair, built with hundreds of the holders, keeps them out of the waste stream altogether -- at least for a little while -- and gives them a second life rather than going straight from fridge to trash. So go ahead, have another six pack, as long as you can use the rings for something as functional as the chair. Recycling has never been so tasty. Get up close and personal with the chair, after the jump, via ::NotCot


Kate Van Zele “Visited a design student friend of mine this weekend at the University of Cincinnati and was introduced to his newly designed chair. I’m convinced the underlying reason was for the beer, he holds tight to the environmental and sustainability story. Made of 6 pack rings that decompose after 3 months in direct sunlight, and the frame can be deconstructed to apply another layer of rings when needed. Seems like a good use of reinventing a common object with a new application." Friendly TreeHugger reminder: as the rings break down, please, please cut them apart before tossing them. We don't need any more pictures of birds or dolphins or seals stuck in these things.

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