Global Green's Greening Afforable Housing Initiative

We just heard that Leonardo DiCaprio had joined up with Global Green, so we thought we'd check out the up-and-coming eco-charity. Global Green, the US arm of Green Cross International, works on projects like eliminating weapons of mass destruction, minimizing climate change, and reducing household waste. Their Greening Affordable Housing Initiative brings organizations devoted to building green together with those responsible for affordable housing, like Habitat for Humanity. While it sometimes you have to be rich live green, this initiative — like Edward Norton's BP Solar Neighbors Program — is based on the idea that people with low incomes have the most to gain from the reduced energy costs of passive heating, natural ventilation, and the like. One of the initiative's developments even has a pool with solar heating, which lets residents swim for two months longer every year — how's that for a "sacrifice" in the name of eco-friendly living? The case studies are all in California, but Habitat's environmental projects include buildings further afield in Denver and El Paso. Affordable green housing: not just for Californians anymore! ::Global Green USA [by KK]