Glassphemy Project Lets You Pitch Glass Bottles At Friends, and Not Get Arrested

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When I was a little kid and recycling went mainstream, the only thing I loved more than the idea you could actually get money for taking your squashed soda cans down to the recycling shed at the grocery store was the squashing part. It was so satisfying to set a can upright, jump on it, and feel it completely flatten under your foot - especially when it flattened into a perfect little hockey puck. That release of pent up energy is part of what's behind the Glassphemy project by Macro Sea, which lets you send your anger, frustration, or giddiness off into the air along with the glass bottle you pitch full force into the "recycling bin." Macro Sea is the same company that created the literal dumpster diving last year, transforming dumpsters into swimming pools. They're at it again with Glassphemy, a project revolving around recycling glass. Core 77 points us to the new project, of which Macro Sea states, "This whole recycling and green thing has gotten so damn boring in recent years that we felt we had to do something. GLASSPHEMY! celebrates the illicit thrill of breaking bottles while working through deeply rooted emotional issues (and sort of saving the planet a little)."

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The 20-foot high by 30-foot long steel tower is build specifically for people to throw glass bottles at each other - from the safety of standing behind bullet-proof glass. Release anger, see if you can make each other flinch, or simply see if you can hit your target and shatter glass at the same time.

The bottles are sourced from local bars, and are recycled on site into colorful lights and other projects thought up by Readymade readers as part of a competition for ideas started up by the magazine.

Now that is a fun way to repurpose glass bottles.

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