Glögg, Glögg, Glögg

Jonas Torstensson, a Swedish glass designer (in a country where there are a lot of glass designers) has worked with recycled materials for much of his career. OK, there are also a lot of recycled glass products, but Torstensson even fires up the ovens for his glassworks near Stockholm with biogas – methane captured and delivered from a close-by waste treatment center.

Through the years faithful patrons of Torstensson’s designs have been companies trying to be green as well as spread holiday cheer to their clients, so this year he has a (.pdf) holiday suggestion catalog of hand-blown recycled-glass bowls, recycled-aluminum candle holders, and the glögg glasses pictured after the jump. And what’s glögg, anyway? It is the hot mulled wine with almonds and raisins that most drinking-age Swedes sample at least once during the holidays.

The picture hardly does these little glass mugs (and accompanying glögg bowl) justice - they feel good in the hand, with the recycled-rubber rings at just the right height for keeping the hand holding the hot wine nice and cool.

And for those cold nights anywhere, warm some organic red wine with raw sugar (about 1 Tbl. sugar to each cup wine), add a dried star anise, a sprinkling of dried orange peel, a few cloves and cardamom pods and a cinnamon stick. Let it simmer awhile, then pour the warmed wine into glasses over raisins and peeled almonds. Voila! Swedish sangria.

Torstensson got runner-up in the 2007 Swedish Recycling Awards for, among other designs, his recycled-glass trophy designs. His trophies look like great doorstops – wonder if his runner-up award will be anywhere near as good or as earth-friendly? (in Swedish)

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