Give Your Utility Light the LED Upgrade it Deserves


Milwaukee, maker of a wide range of (red and black) power tools, has begun selling an LED upgrade kit that fits many of its jobsite lighting products and "most other major power tool work lights." By popping out the old incandescent bulb and replacing it with an LED module, your flashlight now boasts the many advantages of the light emitting diode: 50,000-hour life (that's 250 times longer than an incandescent) and thrice the run time. Into the garbage goes the old bulb, but the torch lives on.LEDs are dramatically more efficient than even compact fluorescent lighting and are becoming the illumination of choice from 7-Elevens to streetlights to home applications. And the low energy demand makes brilliant inventions like this pump-action bike light possible.

Whether due to planned obsolescence or just the rolling tide of tech progress, it seems our hard-working gadgets and devices are eternally at risk of becoming dated and inferior. While upgrading it great, it should be done smart. Milwaukee's LED worklight upgrade is a perfect example. A simple product, to be sure, but the fact that one can reap the benefits of LED technology while retaining the housing, battery, and charging hardware of the tool is a profound idea that should be used more widely. Via Core77

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