Gig is "Four-Track Furniture" For Small Spaces

I am really beginning to look forward to the Interior Design Show in Toronto in two weeks; all kinds of interesting stuff is coming in over the transom. Designer Davide Tonizzo shows his new Gig, transformers that he calls "four-track furniture." He tells us:

"As the world becomes more urbanized and energy efficient, spaces will become compact. As interiors get smaller, furniture has to get smarter. Gig allows a small room to be used in different ways."

gig transformer photo

Gig is actually four different furniture pieces in one product. It begins as a chair and has the ability to morph into two ottomans (or a chair and ottoman) for two-person seating, a chaise lounge for relaxing and a bed for sleeping...The most innovative feature of the product is that it achieves this high level of functionality without using complex mechanisms. The various elements are inserted into different places in the frame to achieve the different configurations. The birch frame and lightweight foam cushions help make these transitions easy.

I like the video and the music. Davide says that the Gig name is derived from the musician's term (really everyone's now) for a job.

"There was something musical about the piece. Its different configurations are different gigs on a concert tour and the blockiness of the forms reminds me of a rock band's amplifiers."

This would feel right at home in LifeEdited.

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