Giddyup Rocking Stool: Can We Get a YeeHaw?


With some similar benefits to sitting on a Swiss ball, and a great way to practice for your next mechanical bull ride, Giddyup is a fun rocking stool designed by New Zealand-based Tim Wigmore Design. Made from sustainably-grown hoop pine plywood and a repurposed second-hand saddle, Giddyup will scratch an itch for those of you too big to ride your kids' rocking horse (and might just improve your posture, too).

Says Wigmore, "The old, worn saddles often have a beauty and patina of age that I find really attractive and I often find myself thinking about who owned the saddle previously, where it has been, and what stories have happened around it. Where possible I have tried to obtain older saddles that are no longer in use, rather than taking good working saddles out of circulation."

Saddle up at ::Unless via ::Tim Wigmore Design

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