Giant 600-Pipe Wind Chime Hangs Under Bridge, Is Played By Pedestrians

mark nixon chimecco photo
Photos via Mark Nixon

Artist Mark Nixon has created the Chimecco -- a 600-pipe wind chime that hangs from the belly of a bridge. The interactive sculpture turns and already gorgeous natural space into something quite a bit more musical. mark nixon chimecco photo

The sculpture is part of the third annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Aarhus, Denmark.

Nixon states
, "Chimecco hides silently beneath the bridge in the forest until activated by human movements or the wind causing it to sing, dance and play with the senses."

mark nixon chimecco photo

notes, "While their diameter is fixed at 50mm each, the pipes vary in length--and pitch--from 120mm to 3750mm (over 10 feet), as in a traditional wind chime."

The chime plays as people pass over the bridge of the wind blows under it -- it is intended to be "hidden," and would be discovered only by the whim of the breeze. But the beauty of the chime itself, let alone its sound, certainly draws the attention of the curious.

mark nixon chimecco photo

You can hear the chime on this 360-degree panorama -- and if it doesn't make you feel immediately more relaxed, then I don't know what will. The piece is placed in an already beautiful natural space, but the surprise of the sound may make visitors that much more likely stop and enjoy the scene, and really take in the seaside and the trees between which the bridge passes.

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mark nixon chimecco photo
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