Ghostbuster Aykroyd Faces New Terroir

No longer dealing just with ghosts but a whole new kind of terroir, Dan Aykroyd is opening a winery in Niagara, Ontario. He apparently got into wine (probably in great quantities) while making the Blues Brothers, and is now into quality, so he and Vintner Diamond Estates have hired one of Canada's best, Moriyama and Teshima Architects to design it. Architectspeak usually needs translation but Raymond Moriyama was always poetic, so we quote the source:
The design of the building draws upon the metaphor of the grape and of the fine wine that it yields: Like the vine firmly rooted in its soil, the building has been designed for long term sustainability; Just as grapes are harvested directly on site, so too does the building harvest sunlight, rainwater and wind, harnessing these elements to minimize its environmental impact.

just as the hidden complexity and beauty of a wine reveals itself through an evolving exploration of aroma, colour and taste, so to will the building reveal itself to the visitor moving from first impressions driving along the highway, to a revelation of spaces, materials, colours and textures, light and shadows, to interaction with the minutiae of carefully crafted details.

::National Post , ::Luxist

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