GetWithGreen's Eco-Friendly Counterop Options


Though it's getting easier and easier to source green materials and products with stores like the Green Fusion Design Center and resources like the GreenHomeGuide, sometimes it's helpful to do some of your own research when looking for the best eco-friendly option for a home remodel, new appliance or kitchen upgrade -- you're the one that's going to be using it, after all. GetWithGreen, a relatively new site dedicated to being "the green product resource for your home remodel," has lent a helping hand with this guide for countertops. Is granite green? Ehh...not so much. Is stainless a good choice? Maybe, depending on what you need.. The piece looks at 12 different materials, giving a quick pro-and-con overview and quick green assessment. Though the conclusions -- that the green countertops that regular TreeHugger readers are probably familiar with -- aren't anything too surprising, it's good to see them all rounded up and contextualized against one another. Plus, if you decide to go with something (like granite or marble) that isn't super-green, you'll get a few tips for greening it, with something like a low-VOC sealant. It's more of a "pocket guide" rather than a definitive tell-all about green countertop options, but it can still come in handy. ::GetWithGreen via ::Hugg