Getting Wired Without Electricity: The Hourglass Coffee Maker

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If you are able to look into the future at least 12 hours, and want to cut the electricity or natural gas out of your coffee-brewing workflow, then check out the Hourglass. We first saw this gadget over at Dvice. It doesn't take an hour and it isn't glass, but it does make coffee at room temperature "powered by cold water and time." It also uses non-disposable filters and is made from a special Eastman plastic that vouches to be free of BPA (a chemical that may be responsible for stupidity and depression)

Cold brewing coffee, or New Orleans coffee, is not new, and companies like Toddy are known for making cold-water brewing paraphernalia. What the Hourglass produces is an intense coffee extract, that can be added to cold water for iced coffee, or to hot water. The extract can also be stored in the fridge for two weeks, which likely will reduce the amount of waste, and also means you don't have to wait 12 hours every time. It also is probably a convenient way to bring java on a camping trip. This creepy video shows how simple and refreshing it is. "It's that easy!"

Decreased acidity is the Hourglass's big claim to fame, and its makers say it reduces acid by 69.6%. "Independent laboratory tests confirm the hourglass significantly reduces the acidic compounds and tannic acids in coffee that can cause heartburn and create bitter tastes." Despite all these wonders, the Gizmodo folks didn't much care for it, but that doesn't mean its not a science project worth trying.

You can procure your very own Hourglass from Hammacher Schlemmer for $79.95, or straight from the company for a bit less.

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(Image via Hourglass Coffee)
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