Get the Goods on Pangea Organics' Sustainable Packaging at PRINT's Live Webcast

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PRINT is hosting a live Webcast on Aug. 4 with Joshua Onysko, founder and CEO of Pangea Organics, as well as Josh Ivy, the skincare company's lead designer.

The design magazine will be recognizing Pangea in its October issue as an outstanding example of sustainable design—the first time an eco-friendly company has been honored in PRINT's Creativity + Commerce design competition. Onysko and Ivy, notes managing editor Caitlin Dover, have upped the ante of sustainable packaging with their biodegradable soap and gift boxes. "You can actually plant one, and grow a tree!," she says. "Colorado Blue Spruce Seeds are embedded in each box."

Both Onysko and Ivy will field questions during the Webcast—tickets can be purchased online for $69—while speaking at length about how green can also be gorgeous, both inside and out.

  • How to find the most sustainable materials for your project.

  • How to talk to manufacturers and printers about issues of sustainability.

  • The best ways to include green practices in your everyday design work.

"Pangea does its best to source sustainable materials in everything we create," say Onysko and Ivy. "We want to reduce waste whenever possible, reuse materials whenever possible, and if we have to produce something new, make sure it's recyclable in the end."

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