Get Ready for 15 MPH Speed Limits

Readers scoffed at the idea of going back to 55 MPH, and were appalled at the suggestion of 30 MPH limits; that is just the beginning. In the UK, the government is promoting the development of eco-towns, is insisting that the town centres be car-free, and that a 15mph limit will be enforced on "key roads" leading into them. Housing Minister Flint says "These developments will be exemplars for the rest of the world, not just the rest of the country. It's critical that we get it right - and I make no apology for setting the bar as high as possible." ::BBC

According to the Guardian, homes can't be built more than 400 metres (1,300 feet) from a bus stop, and every town will have a skateboard park. (I suppose to start kids on alternative transport technologies while they are young.) By capturing rainwater and reusing waste water, eco-towns will also have to be "water-neutral", which means there should be no overall increase in water demand as a result of the development. ::Guardian

Image: Creative Commons Flickr Richardmasoner

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