Get Out of My Seats! A Remarkable Design Turns One Chair Into Three (Video)


Photos Courtesy of Paul Menand

One chair, two chairs, three chairs more. That might be what French designer Paul Menand was thinking as he designed the Triplette Chair, three chairs built into one. We've seen a lot of interesting stackable chairs, but what's especially cool about Menand's design is that even when all three are stacked, they still function as a single chair.

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Check out the video, which I promise isn't an optical illusion:
CHAISE TRIPLETTE Paul Menand par PaulMenand

A friend arrives at the apartment? Stand up, give him a chair from under you. Friend number two, repeat the drill. When they go and you want to clean up a bit, just restack the chairs, sit down and have a rest after all that entertaining. We only wish you could stak one Triplette on top of another!

Menand said of his design:

Starting from a work around space saving, trying to find an alternative to the folding chairs we used to use when we had somebody over, which end up, after the party, in a corner, a closet or against a wall. The Triplette chair allows users to "stack up" their unused seats without loss of space and then to multiply, quite simply, the chair when friends come over unexpectedly.

For now, the Triplette Chair (the chaise Triplette, in French) is just a prototype, but keep an eye out for when it hits stores. Designs that are this clever, simple and terrifically space-saving won't stay on the shelves for long.

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