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A quality water bottle is a must for anyone striving (or even casually trying) to live lighter. With bottled water becoming a pariah, SIGG, the Swiss maker of classy, minimalist aluminum bottles, has teamed up with Original Wraps to create SIGGskins, bottles with customizable faces. A very pleasurable web interface (which I clearly dabbled with) lets one upload images, write, draw, and drop clipart to make a vivid and unique bottle.This is not SIGG's first foray into user-created design: the 100-year-old company has made its bottles available on CafePress for some time now. But the Original Wraps technology allows for a good deal more customization. After choosing your bottle (1, .6, or .4 liter), use the web interface to create your art. The bottle and wrap arrive together, but you must apply the wrap yourself. According to SIGG, Original Wraps are recyclable, in that they can be sent back to the company.

SIGG bottles themselves have risen to the top of the eco-bottle pack. We've sleuthed around on the question of whether SIGG bottles carry BPA toxins (SIGG claims emphatically no), and has made other strides towards a healthy and green product with the EcoCare Liner, and a series of stainless steel products.

"SIGGskins truly democratizes design and puts that creativity in the imaginative hands of consumers," says Robert Rheaume, SIGG USA General Manager. "We know that carrying a SIGG is about making a personal statement and SIGGskins are simply one effort to allow that statement to be even more unique." We always learned that something can't be more unique if it is already one of a kind, and truly democratizing design is certainly an overstatement. But semantics notwithstanding, SIGGskins is a product that allows a delightful amount of user customization, making the reusable bottle meme all the more sticky.

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