Get 'Em Started Early with InModern's EcoTots


Parents: want a quick 'n easy way to help turn your kids in to TreeHuggers? Help 'em learn their ABC's ("FSC stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council'") and botany and forestry ("Birch trees grow for 30 years before they're harvested sustainably") with InModern's EcoTots furniture. The diminutive, modern furniture follows the same model as the rest of InModern's collection: FSC-certified SmartWood with a 100% non-toxic water-based finish is assembled without tools and is constructed with only three pieces of wood, keep materials and shipping (since they flat-pack) low.

We love to see examples of better materials and smart manufacturing combined with sustainable design; when it can help the youngsters become Junior TreeHuggers, then everybody wins. Available at ::Vitamin D(esign) -- ::InModern via ::Design Milk