Get All Your Plugs in Reach with the Electric Table


TreeHugger knows that the easiest way to avoid phantom power is to keep your power strips organized and unplug everything when you aren't using it. This isn't always the easiest task, when you have twelve cords snaking about, plugged in to strips that are hidden away beneath desks and behind shelves so they're out of the way (and really hard to reach). The Swedish design firm Broberg & Ridderstrale Design & Architecture has come up with an interesting concept to help you avoid this back-breaking, Twister-like task: put the plugs in the table, so instead of crawling around behind the table to flip the switch, you can just pull the plug from the side of the table. Plug a "Smart" power strip into the table, and you might just be able to stop idle current in its tracks for good. ::BRDA via ::UberGizmo