German Parliament Building to be Greenest in the World


That big glowing dome on Berlin's skyline? Soon it will be even greener. Plans are underway to make the Reichstag, Germany's parliament building, the greenest parliament building in the world. Beginning this summer, the building will run solely on renewable energy. Power will come from water, wind, and solar energy -- instead of biofuel generators currently housed in the basement, coal, and nuclear supplies.

The Reichstag -- which already boasts several green features -- received an extensive renovation in the late 1990's, namely a glass cupola designed by famed British Architect Norman Foster. The cupola taps passive solar power and soaks up natural light: Combined with well-insulated 19th-century walls, the building retains heat in winter and needs little cooling in the summer.

The building has a long, checkered history. In 1933 it burnt down..the act was blamed on Dutch communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, who lost his head for the crime. via ::The Guardian Get inside it with ::Second Earth: the World Wide Sim Also see ::McLaren Technology Centre by Foster and Partners ::Powering 4000 Homes: One Wind Turbine

Image top: Courtesy of HGM2004. Image bottom: Courtesy of Foster + Partners

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