German and Italian Design Team Go Nuts with Recycled Veneer

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All photos courtesy of Transalpino

What can 13 designers do with a pile of post-production veneer in seven days? Last week, during the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin, the combined German and Italian talent of design collective Transalpino went wild with veneer in the experimental exhibition "Open Progress," creating a total of 64 different objects. Since ideas like these get the creative recycling juices flowing, we took note.

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By just folding, cutting, stapling, or gluing the wood with basic tools, the team fabricated design pieces ranging from playful abstract shapes to finished usable items like bags, baskets, birdhouses, lamps, and stools.

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In their words,

TRANSALPINO is aiming to put its work in context both with other designers and the public. This means that it is not always easy to differentiate between the designers and visitors at the exhibition. Many people who just wanted to come and have a quick look grabbed a piece of wood and crafted an object themselves. This also made them part of the exhibition.

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For more creative recycling check out down loadable design from Foldschool or furniture from car panels by Nine Stories.

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