Gearing Up For West Coast Green 2008

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West Coast Green is only a week away and we're getting excited! WCG is an annual event in which anyone and everyone involved in green innovation, technology and design in the building industry gathers together to show off their latest products, talk about what we can do to improve sustainability, and hear what top leaders (including Al Gore!) have to say.The way green building merges with new sustainable technology is a key topic this year, and we're going to be at the conference making sure you stay updated on all the cool gadgets and technology that the industry has to offer. And there will be loads to see...

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Photo Credit: West Coast Green

Top US sustainable companies are also taking part in WCG, including Pacific Gas & Electric (who just added 800 MW of solar power to their energy offering), Whirlpool (who has some very interesting design concepts out), Home Depot and Webcor (recently involved in a very cool green roof project in San Francisco).

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