Gastronomic Garden by Taebeom Kim

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We have been showing some of the work of students at London's Architectural Association School of Architecture, where they were looking at models for integrating food production into the fabric of the city.

Taebeom Kim envisions a Gastronomic Garden. Pruned writes:

Of the four projects, this is the least site-specific and therefore hardest to determine how well it fits into the city or if its contextual engagement is, per the studio brief, primarily urban. Is it in London or could we even be in the countryside? One has to give it a generous benefit of a doubt to accept that it wasn't arbitrarily plopped into place.
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In any case, to our own delight, this vagueness allowed us to easily recast the project as a proposal to adaptively reuse some of the complexly braided highway intersections in the U.S., many of which twist and turn in the middle of the city. By some implausible circumstances, perhaps now made at least imaginable with the financial crisis and, despite the current respite, the still looming post-oil era, patterns of habitation and mobility have rendered them obsolete. Empty of cars, they can now be colonized by eager gardeners who have been on waiting lists for allotments for years. In the middle of each cloverleaf would be waste recycling towers and "meditation" domes. Instead of ribbons of concrete, you have ribbons of vegetables.

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