Quirky parking canopy made from 1,500 recycled plastic bottles

Garth Britzman
© Garth Britzman

With gyres of it swirling in our oceans, to landfills packed to overflowing with it, plastics are a true, non-biodegradable modern day bane. To tackle this pervasive problem, we've found various ways to recycle, upcycle and transform plastics into clothing, architecture and art, often with surprising results. Using 1,500 recycled bottles, this new parking canopy in Lincoln, Nebraska, shows that old plastic bottles can still impart a fresh aesthetic.

Garth Britzman© Garth Britzman
Garth Britzman© Garth Britzman
Garth Britzman© Garth Britzman

Created by American artist Garth Britzman, in collaboration with University of Nebraska students, this piece, titled (POP)culture, took 200 hours to make and features a bit of coloured liquid within each bottle, adding some vibrancy to the transparent plastic. Britzman explains:

This temporary installation used recycled soda bottles as a canopy under which a small park is created. An intriguing environment is created where one can explore the surface qualities of the bottles at eye level. Additionally, this project sought to stimulate creative alternatives for recycling and reusing materials.

Garth Britzman© Garth Britzman

Bright and quirky, this project demonstrates that a simple (and problematic) material can easily be transformed into something quite striking. More over at Garth Britzman's site.

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