Garden Shed Studio Has Green Walls, Built of Green Materials

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Images Credit John Sutton Photography via ASLA

It seems like only yesterday that I was wondering if garden sheds would catch on in North America, when Alex at Shedworking tips me off to this lovely little painting studio in a San Francisco garden, by Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture.

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It won an Honor Award at the American Society of Landscape Architects 2010 Professional awards, for not only being lovely to look at but also green in all meanings of the word:

The former garden shed was converted into an eye-catching art studio by encasing it in an ivy-covered framework. The resulting green cube makes for an alluring part of the home's garden view. In another example of reuse, antique stone curbs from the previous garden were reused to form benches and steps. Local craftspeople were selected to supply the colorful concrete pots and the garden chairs made from recycled oil drums.

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The jury liked the shed, and the environmental measures:

The project exhibits a very practical application of sustainable practices, including various water conservation measures and extensive adaptive re-use of existing materials, vegetation, and the garden pavilion, which creates has been transformed into a contemporary, sculptural, and useful sheltered space within the garden.

More at ASLA

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