Garden Shed Home Offices Sprouting Up in UK

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The backyard-shed-as-home-office idea is catching on in North America, but it is nothing compared to what is going on in the UK. There, they are being promoted as turnkey solutions that reduce commuting, save money for companies, and are being offered as fully outfitted workspaces, the cubicle of the 21st century. A new entry is from podSPACE; Alex at Shedworking writes that "the pod comes with data/phone points, stainless steel sockets and low energy spot lights, underfloor heating, high security energy efficient Scandinavian door and windows as well as tip top insulation."

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The specifications are pretty green as well;

The whole ethos of pod space is to provide beautiful, stylish design without compromise to the environment. We have chosen our materials carefully so that you can be certain your pod will enhance your garden whist remaining ecologically sound.

For our windows, doors and cladding we have sourced timber that is FSC and PEFC certified and is obtained from sustainable forests. In addition we use low VOC paints and low energy heating and lighting. The floor is your choice of natural rubber or an option of engineered wood flooring also from a sustainable timber source.

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Nor will they need a lot of energy to run.

We have designed and constructed our pods to be highly efficient with insulation levels equal to modern houses. The low energy products and high levels of insulation mean that energy costs can also be kept to a minimum in your pod. The external walls are 240mm thick (9.44 inches!), incorporating vented cavities and the latest technology in waterproof membranes to prevent cold bridging.

garden shed house exterior photo

No doubt these won't be cheap with these kinds of specifications, but neither is commercial office space. More at Pod Space.

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