Garden Pots from Used Tires - Flat Tire Decor

Photo Credit: Colleen Vanderlinden

In the United States alone, over 240 million tires are discarded annually. The overwhelming majority of these tires end up in landfills; less than ten percent of them are recycled.

So any product that makes use of these cast-offs in an environmentally-friendly way is a big plus. Enter Flat Tire Decor and their line of garden pots and containers made from old tires.

The large, sturdy pots have a great, rustic quality to them that works in a variety of settings. You can use them as planters, (obviously), though I wouldn't plant edibles directly into the pots -- who knows what kind of pollutants are hanging out in these old tires? Of course, if you use some kind of liner, such as a smaller flower pot inside, they would work well for edible gardening as well.

Beyond the obvious application, I can also see using the Flat Tire pots around the house for other purposes as well. Right now, I have one in my back hall that is doing a great job of containing all of my frequently used gardening supplies: gloves, pruners, twine, dandelion digger, journal, seed packets -- a huge improvement over the old basket I had sitting there. And the handles make it easy to lug the whole thing outside if I want to. These would also be great for holding magazines or newspapers, kids toys (I'm already considering getting another one for my kids' baseball mitts) or knitting supplies.

Providing Jobs

In addition to being eco-friendly and unique, I appreciate that Flat Tire pots are made by Curative Care Network, a company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that provides jobs to disabled workers, providing them with both an income and on-the-job work experience and training.

It's nice to see items that I'm used to seeing discarded in vacant lots turned into something useful. If you're interested in seeing their full line of pots and door mats, check out Flat Tire Decor's website.

Disclosure: I received a planter from the company to review. The content of this review is entirely my own, and is not influenced by Flat Tire Decor in any way.
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