Garden of Earth(friend)ly Delights: Corona Solar Lamp


There are few things more beautiful than a well lit garden at night time. Unfortunately, design-conscious gardeners have had a difficult choice to make. Hard wired garden lamps can be beautiful, but installation is expensive, and the incandescent bulbs they use often burn through serious energy. On the other hand, solar/LED lamps are cheap, and power themselves, but the style choices look like something out of an in-flight magazine. Faux verdigris painted plastic? No thanks. Enter the Corona lamp, designed by Shane Kohatsu and Emi Fujita. Beautifully made, it can be used indoors or out, mounted on walls, stakes, or as a standalone accent lamp. Even better, it's construction is all snap-fit, for easy disassembly, repair, and hopefully recycling.

Megahugger tip: Buy a few but don't just leave them out in your garden. Why not use them as a modern "candle to read by", and carry them with you around the house? Tobias Wong's Sun Jar works great here too. That way, you use less energy lighting whole rooms, and focus your light to just where you need it. :: Corona Solar Lamp