Gandia Studio Design With Recovered Materials


It’s not so common to see environmentally aware designers coming from the interior of Argentina -or at least it’s not so common that they stand out-, so we were pleased to find Gandia. This studio from Cordoba province whose main activity is commercial architecture was founded by brothers Estanislao and Eduardo Gandía and works with recovered houseware, machinery and automobile pieces. The designs shown above were presented in the latest edition of Remade in Italy under the program Remade in Argentina, which took place in late April during the Milan Design Week. The first is a chair made with a vintage Argentine telephone-cabin made from acrylic, supported with automobile elastics on a turnaround office-chair-system inserted on a plough disc. The only virgin materials are steel fixes and the pillows, from eco-leather. Second is a recovered stainless steel washing machine barrel with a lighting and an MDF lacked top, where the new materials are the steel zinc coated legs and MDF top. And the last design in the picture is a panel with lamps from recycled glass in an agglomerated panel, where the lamps and electric connection is the only virgin material (see another picture in the extended). These items can be found via Design Connection, the organization responsible for Remade in Argentina. Even if not so suitable for purchase outside Argentina, they feature some good ideas to take from. ::Design Connection