G4E! An Eco Design Platform Good for Environment


Looking for eco design? Check out Good for Environment! a new platform for eco design.

Here you can find things like a water saving device for potted plants, inspired by the Namibian beetle’s system of saving water by cleverly using evaporation and condensation to its advantage (further rather cute explanations on their web site). This simple disc is called Econo, designed to cover the earth in your plant pot to catch the evaporating water leading it back to the plant, drastically reducing the amount necessary to water it. They calculated that it saves you up to 50% of water, perfect for those of you who travel often or simply forget to water the plants.
Other products in their pipeline are Lappack the conference folder, Hexa-ton the smart container and a Personal Broadcasting System designed for the ‘Toshiba Hard Disk Drive Revolution 2006’.The group of professionals behind G4E! operate from Spain and design with the impact on the environment and the contribution towards sustainability in mind. G4E! was recently launched and aims towards a more responsible industrial design production. Design products will be available under the sustainable brand Equilicuá, created by the organisation. With the brand G4E! hopes to create a reference for eco design products and promotes young designers who work under the principles of eco design in Spain. I say: watch this space! ::G4E!