Futuristic Tractor Designed to Make Farming Sexy


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What do you think of when you picture a farm? Rows of corn stalks, an old wooden barn, a dusty chicken coop, men in dirty overalls, and a rusty green tractor come to mind? Come on, admit it--that's how we picture the farm, even in the 21st century. And maybe everyone thinking of farming as some old-fashioned practice isn't good for the industry, or good for any of us, for that matter. Which is why Vipin George designed this stylish, futuristic tractor--to turn the perception of modern farming on its head.

Now, there's often some outcry when I post on a concept design like this, but I think this tractor-from-the-future-design poses a question that's well worth asking--that is, is farming in need of a face lift? Sure, organic and small farms are growing in popularity, and that's great. But many Americans, at least, consider farming a sort of antiquated practice that has little relevance to modern life.

Which is ridiculous, of course. The entire way we eat is still very much dependent on farming, but many people just don't think about where their food comes from at all. Yet, if the tools of the farming trade were badass, futuristic vehicles like these, would more people pay attention?


Could a sexy, stylish tractor help generate more interest in farming?


Here are some key featurers the designer imagines the tractor, called the Cosmic Trac, would include: (via Tuvie)

a single sheet hood, safety head lamp, FRP head lights, serviceability, cost affectivity, etc. The head lamp cluster is designed in a housed way, ensuring complete safety for the lights unlike traditional projecting head lamp that always tend to break easily. The exposed engine parts and projected grill gives hi-tech feel which helps for the strength and aggression of the tractor. The fender is covered partly aiming complete driver's safety.


Whether you think it's a silly pipe dream or a thoughtful way to engage modern agriculture, you have to agree on one thing: it's probably the coolest tractor you've ever seen.

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