Furniture Outstanding in the Brit Insurance Design Awards

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Photo: B. Alter: Spun, Heatherwick Studio

The Brit Insurance Design Awards are a showcase for the best international design. Now in its fourth year, there are over one hundred fabulous projects nominated. These will be narrowed down to one big winner, announced in March, 2011. Which one will it be?

The two really big categories are Products, which were covered yesterday and Furniture, which is always a delight to review. There are some innovative and some classic additions to the genre, and many use recycled materials. But we are still betting that the winner will be something from the Interactive or Products area. Check out the nominees.In the Furniture section there are several interesting chairs made out of recycled materials. Heatherwick Studio's symmetrical seat looks like a piece of sculpture and a piece of clay on a potter's wheel when it is at rest. It is made with a low cost manufacturing process using rotational plastic. It is a lot of fun to sit on and surprisingly ergonomic.

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Photo: dailytonic

Endless is a chair made from the recycled plastic scrap from old refrigerators by a robot! The designer transformed it into a large scale production process.

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Photo: B. Alter
Origin Part 1: Join is a beautiful screen made by a Japanese craftsmen in traditional Japanese wood joinery. It is a melding of contemporary design and ancient traditional craft techniques.


Photo: designs of the year

Solo Bench is made of recycled cardboard. The designer was appalled by the amount of material discarded by business in his Brazilian town. Working to make a business for local people, the designer mixes the cardboard with water and glue to create a material that is well-designed and looks like wood.

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Photo: designs of the year

The Vigna Chair looks familiar: inspiration was taken from the Thonet bentwood chair. Martino Gamper makes the seat out of plastic industrial process style moulding and contrasts that with welded metal wire as a frame.

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Photo: designs of the year

Thin Black Lines is designed by Japanese design studio Nendo and inspired by Japanese calligraphy. It looks two and three dimensional at the same time. Like a piece of art, it was first exhibited in an art gallery and is an exquisite piece of workmanship.

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Photo: designs of the year

Graphics nominations include the lovely Ikea Cook Book and the Coalition of the Willing animated film about an on-line war against global warming, created by 24 different artists. Irma Boom's Boom is a 704-page catalogue raisonné of her work, but it's just two inches high.

Transport nominations include the well-documented Barclay's Cycle Hire in London (aka the Boris Bikes), the Fiat 500 Twinair with its green engine, the Dutch Van Moof No. 5 bicycle and the YikeBike, the smallest and lightest electrical folding bike in the world.

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