Fun At the DesignBoom Mart: Printing and Folding (Video)



Industrial design site Designboom is always a great source for us at TreeHugger; it is also a great resource and source of support for the design community. It curates the Designboom Mart, where young designers get to strut their stuff to the trades at shows like ICFF. It is always fun, if not very green.

One trend we are noticing is the return, or at least the increased visibility, of craft. Rebecca of Moontree Letterpress brings it back with a modern twist on her Heidelberg Windmill.

I love letterpress, the feel of the paper where the press has not only printed an image, but the paper is indented; you can feel the weight of the press. I had assumed that it was still done with loose type, but Rebecca uses modern computer tech. More at Moontree Letterpress.


photo credit Design Sponge
Daniel Libeskind could use some of Colin O'Dowd's Graphkin architectural napkins; he describes them:
Some of the world's greatest designs, famous buildings and innovative ideas have all started out as sketches on paper napkins. Now with graphkin you can doodle n' dine with real accuracy!


photo credit Design Sponge

3D printing of bracelets by Nervous System


Terrence Kelleman of Dynomighty Design
makes wallets by folding sheets of Tyvek building wrap, on which he has printed designs ranging from subway maps to dot matrix printouts. Available at Mighty Wallets.

We try to interview Terrence in a very noisy room, up too close for comfort.

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