Full Moon Sideboard Uses Green Paint to Glow in the Dark


Designed by Sotirios Papadopoulos, the Full Moon Sideboard is a limited edition piece with a neat trick and a green twist. Turn the lights down low, and the photo-realistic image of the moon's surface lavishly printed on one of its sides produces a soft, pleasant glow that adds a celestial touch to any décor. And the best part? It comes from the moons' green materials.

Using special luminous and ecological paint called ELI ('eco light inside' -- ecological powder which is modified into a gelcoat thatcovers the furniture) that Papadopoulos created especially for the project, the sideboard is produced by Italian design company Ennerzero and will be on display at the SOHO gallery in Milan for the "dEMOsign" exhibition. Hit the jump to see what happens when the sun comes up. via ::Yanko Design and ::Freshome


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