Fuez Blends Recycled Materials


Fuez, a fledgling company from Portland, Ore., recently introduced four surface-tile products, including one made by fusing concrete with recycled glass—similar to the countertops offered by the New York-based IceStone.

Comprising 41 to 77 percent recycled content, Fuez's tiles, countertops, and other surface materials are prefabricated to order, delivered to the job site, and then installed in two to three weeks, says Greg Martin, the company's president. Fuez's Web site is rather bare bones at the moment, but Martin says customers will be sample Fuez products at select Seattle retail outlets in the coming months, or if the suspense is simply killing you, by contacting the company directly. ::Fuez

[Via ::Sustainable Industries]

Fuez Blends Recycled Materials
Comprising 41 to 77 percent

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