From Sketchbook to Street: The Evolution of Strida Folding Bikes


The Strida 5 -- "the world's lightest folding bike" -- was unleashed on the world a few months back, and is, by all accounts, awesome. dezeen tracked down Strida designer Mark Sanders for an interview about the design of the bike and peek at his sketch book; the result is almost like a photo essay, and the revealing look at the process shows it from concept to model to prototype to production (with a whole bunch of sketches in between). It's pretty amazing.

In the interview, Sanders talks about how he came to design the original in 1985 -- he was commuting 25 miles into London every day, having a hard time finding a balance between train and bus transit and walking for miles and miles -- and wanted to create something to make a seamless transition from human power to public transit and back again. More than 20 years later, with three models under his belt, we'd say he's done it. Hit the jump for some of our favorite pics. ::Strida via ::dezeen





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