From 72 Recycled Beer Cans Comes a Sweet Surfboard


All Images Courtesy of Rich Morrison

In March, I wrote about a very cool project making surfboards from ocean trash. Now, here's another original way to ride the waves: on a surfboard made from 72 recycled beer cans. The simply named Beer Can Surfboard is the work of San Diego-based artist Rich Morrison. What began as a sculpture to complement his Enviro Surf Art Series soon became more ambitious: Morrison has made what is most likely the first ever functioning surfboard made of beer cans.


Morrison collected uncrushed cans from a local bar (Budweiser, Modelo, PBR, Rolling Rock and Boddingtons Pub Ale, if you're wondering), and built them into a board with the help of surfboard maker Gary Seagraves. You can check out the video of the making of the board here.

Morrison's board, a 6'2" rocket fish design with twin fins and a swallow tail, is a great example of upcycling: take something bound for the trash and come up with a new use for it. Now we just have to see how it handles the waves!


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