Friday Feast for the Eyes with Awesome Tire Sculptures

tire sculpture griffin photo

Photos via Robot Nine

We've mentioned tire sculptures before, albeit really briefly. It's time to revel in them for awhile as we let our brains wind down for the weekend. Robot Nine shows off some really amazing ways artists have reused old tires, molding them into beautiful, and a little bit scary, giant sculptures.
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tire sculpture ram photo

This one looks devilish. The texture is pretty extraordinary.

tire sculpture horse photo

It's no wonder that dark, heavy materials, inspire some dark, heavy art. But it's also neat that a medium that brings us mobility can also show beautiful movement in art made from it.

But isn't there a happy way to use tires? Luckily, yes.

tire sculpture buddah photo

The Buddah bids you a happy Friday.

Go check out loads more of these amazing sculptures at Robot Nine.

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