Freitag Recycled Shipping Container Store in Zurich


It's impressive to see just how much the Freitag brothers and their namesake corporation are into reusing and recycling materials that would otherwise be abandoned. We recently found out about their flagship store in Zurich (Maybe some of our Swiss readers have seen it? You can leave your impressions in the comments): It is made out of "used Type 20/8/86 ISO1CC Type Steel Dry Containers", reminding us a bit of the shipping container house. "Optimum use had to be made of the small plot of land right next to Gerold-strasse. The standard 20-foot shipping container was chosen as the basic building block for the construction of an asymmetric tower of 9 containers rising from a 4 x 2 base. Set back from the road, the structural shell of the building emphasizes the size of the adjacent brownfield site. The base is used as a sales outlet, while the tower has become a striking landmark between two main international transportation routes. The circle, from product to building to product, is complete." More below.This structure goes well with the company because they are using recycled truck tarpaulins to make many (if not all) of their products, like the F23 iPod sleeve pictured below. It's kind of cool to read "color: varying according to pan-European truck tarp fashion".

They also make all kinds of wallets, bags, laptop sleeves with recycled tarpaulins. It's probably very durable stuff, though we've not tried it personally.


Here are some more shots of the shipping container store in Zurich.



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