Free Eco Makeover for 7 million UK Homes

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The British Government just announced that it will be offering eco home makeovers for over 25% of its residents (roughly 7 million homes and flats) as one way to reduce carbon emissions and help with fuel costs. Insulation will be updated and homeowners may be encouraged to look into solar panels and/or wood burning stoves, reports the Guardian. Roughly 1/3 of the country's emissions could be cut after all improvements are completed estimated to occur by 2020. But there's a catch.The new program will create thousands of jobs across the nation, improve energy efficiency to save money, as well as, cut back on one emission sector that accounts for roughly 27% of the country's carbon emissions. These improvements won't come without a hefty price tag for the government. While Prime Minister Gordon Brown designated $1 billion pounds for the project, its likely to cost more like $2 -12 billion each year to update insulation and small renewable energy projects at all of these homes.

Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute reported in 2007 that only four in every 1,000 homes has "low-and-zero-carbon-technologies" meaning that to get a handle on these emissions, the government (or someone) will have to step in with a little aid. Another option is to offer grants of $6,500 per household, which would be paid off from the financial savings due to the eco home makeovers. :The Guardian
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