Free Book: Design For Reuse Primer Shows How To Do More With Less


Public Architecture "puts the resources of architecture in the service of the public interest." Known to longtime TreeHugger readers for ScrapHouse, they have issued a book, looking at fifteen projects that demonstrate reuse of materials.

sidwell school photo

Sidwell School, Washington: "Material reuse provided a prominent unifying element"

The authors note that there is a movement among designers and builders to reduce raw material consumption and the energy associated with manufacture and transport, and that their mantra is "Do more with less." But it is not easy:

Despite the potential of material reuse, it has been a largely untapped resource. Although many case studies exist about sustainable building projects, it is often difficult find examples of material reuse. This is particularly true in commercial-scale construction, where integrating material reuse into the design and construction process can sometimes seem daunting. The design for reuse primer is part of an ongoing initiative by Public Architecture to bring reuse stories to light. By discussing the challenges and demonstrating the benefits of reclaimed materials, we hope to demystify reuse.

Download your free copy at Public Architecture

Some of the fifteen projects have been covered in TreeHugger:
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