Found and Fossicked Jewellery

Rebecca Ward is an Australian based Jewellery (Jewelry) artist (born in New Zealand) who specialises in using found materials for her unusual, humourous and addictive pieces. She scavenges pebbles, glass and other detritus from beaches in New Zealand, and other materials come from rifle ranges, demolition yards, second hand shops and roadsides.

We at TreeHugger really love recycled jewellery, such as Mark Vaarwerk's and Spacefruit's recycled plastic jewellery, and Melissa Kolbusz's industrial recycled materials jewellery.


RSI Bracelet, Computer keys, st silver, elastic


Pebbles in a Pebble - unisex pendant, Orepuki pebbles, st silver, waxed nylon, 33 x 33 x 11mm pendant on 480mm cord

Purple Pencil Earrings, Coloured Pencils, st silver hooks

Image at top: Love Letters Heart on Steel, Computer key, st silver, synthetic thread, stainless steel cable
::Rebecca Ward

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