Fortis Arbor Wood Mosaic from Flux Studios


TreeHugger has seen (take a deep breath) myriad carpet tiles, solar tiles, recycled glass tiles, recycled rubber tiles, cork tiles, air purifying tiles and decking tiles (whew!), but never anything quite like these.

From Flux Studios comes Fortis Arbor Wood Mosaics, handcrafted hardwood and bamboo tiles made from certified sustainable lumber pieces too small for furniture or other uses; were it not for an implementation like this, they'd be burned or chucked in a landfill. The mosaic offers a really soft, organic feel and the tiles are suitable for interior backsplashes, countertops, or fireplaces. Installation is just like traditional mosaic tile, and anon-toxic, waterproof grout is available to resist staining and flex with movement. It looks like they're just getting going -- a fresh, new website is reportedly coming soon -- and we're excited to see what's next.

For now, check out a few teasers on their site and below the fold, and stay tuned for more soon. ::Fortis Arbor Wood Mosaic Tiles via ::designTURF