Forgot Something: It's Back To Home Depot


How many times have we done that...oops, forgot the nails, glue, extension cord, or whatever...and had to jump back in the car for another trip to Home Depot? Looks like this time it's Home Depot that forgot something: its US customers. As Lloyd pointed out in his earlier post, Home Depot Canada has embarked on a nation-wide publishing project targeting customers interested in the tools and techniques of green design and lifestyles; whilst, in the US, this week's focus is guilt redemption at corporate headquarters. Sorry, we meant "carbon offsets" for tree planting around HQ. We're TreeHuggers so of course we agree that "planting of thousands of trees on nearly 130 acres across metro Atlanta" is a great thing for the their community, and a fine example for other corporations. And, it offers employees some psychological compensation while they're stuck in traffic for an hour and a half going 5 miles to work on Atlanta's overtaxed road network: -- "look...there's one of our trees." But, from a climate change point of view, these tree planting benefits are orders of magnitude less immediate and significant, on every dimension imaginable, compared to what can be done by empowering its US market. Hypothetical customer buy-decision tradeoff: "do I buy the US$20.00 rake or do I buy the the US$170.00 gasoline-powered leaf blowing and chopping machine"? "Or, would I be better off buying three rakes and asking the family to rake together." "Maybe I could grab a spool of chicken wire and some stakes to make a leaf-mulching crib?" Roughly the same amount of dough gets the green result and gets the family together.

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