Forget Hot Tubs and Saunas - The Most Relaxing Room is Green and Blue

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It seems almost silly, but British researchers at the University of Hertfordshire have announced they have designed a room that they say gives its stressed out occupants a feeling of relief - if only for 15 minutes. Billed as the most relaxing room in the world, the main elements in the environment are: the smell of lavender, deep green lighting to simulate deep green nature, and a "sky-like" screen to "turn thought inward." Why not just go outside and get some nature...the real thing?

"The pace of modern-day life, credit crunch, and financial crisis is making many people feel very stressed and so we have created this space to help them relax", noted Professor Richard Wiseman, creator of the room.

The University hopes to take its findings - including the fact that green light helps increase dopamine to the brain - on what works best and relay them to industry and businesses that want to make their environments more pleasing, reduce work-place absenteeism and combat stress. But it seems like a much better idea than green and blue lights might be actual TRUE greening of our home and work spaces - erecting more living green walls and green roofs, letting in enough natural light, reducing toxic materials around us, and cleaning up indoor air. Duh. Via: AlphaGalileo
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