Forever Last Radio: Hand-Cranked Radio & Flashlight


Richard Thalheimer, the guy who started up The Sharper Image, has his own online store over at, which he's filled with slick, Sharper Image-like gadgets, gizmos and toys. Some of them are a bit extraneous, but one of the things we like is the Forever Last Radio, the newest in a growing number of handy hand-cranked radios. In addition to the AM/FM radio, it's got a flashnight/nightlight combo (so you can see what station tune to, we guess), and one minute of cranking gets 20 minutes of listening pleasure or 40 minutes of flashlighting. The answer the "Who cares?" question, Richard says, "People need a stylish radio and flashlight but do not want to keep buying batteries." Well said. ::Richard Solo via ::Notcot

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